| North Canterbury Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Club

We aim to provide a safe and enjoyable 4WD experience for owners of 4WD vehicles with a dual range gearbox. This safety and enjoyment comes from everyone working together towards a common goal.
Why join a club?
Clubs have a wide range of 4WD expertise and experience gained over many years, and this is passed on to new members through training, during trips and around the bar.
Travelling as part of a club convoy allows you to venture into much tougher ground than you could on your own. Some members belong just for the monthly meetings, an opportunity to swap technical information and talk 4WD.

The NC4WD Club endorses the Tread Lightly Code of Ethics, and members are required to abide by this. The committee can then guarantee the conduct of club members when gaining access from authorities or landowners to areas that would otherwise be off- limits.

Like all organisations you will get out of it what you put into it.