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| Giggle

Like most kiwi success stories, ours started in a garage, this one was in Palmerston North, NZ in 2008. Giggle is now taking NZ and the globe by storm. No matter where in the world you go, no one likes waiting, people love to laugh and businesses want more affordable marketing.

Giggle boasts over 1200 host locations across Australasia with over 1.6 million people past our screens every week and we are just getting started!

At Giggle we have two beliefs:

We believe there is too much bad news in the world
Small to medium enterprise pay too much for marketing
To remedy this we created an entertainment network and we make people laugh. We install screens in areas of wait such as cafes, gyms, food outlets etc. The screen plays a silent loop of G-rated humorous content, entertaining otherwise impatient customers. Interspersed with the sticky content are commercial messages for local businesses. This has created a medium for local businesses to deliver brand messages in an affordable and engaging way.

In the trending world of digital out of home media we are very much pioneers and are the biggest in our market. Even on a global scale, we are unique in our approach to out of home digital media.