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5 Solander Road

| Pegasus Bay School

Our school was founded in 1873 and is nearly 150 years old now!

There have been many changes over the years the most notable change in our recent history was our relocation from our site at Waikuku to our new school in Pegasus in 2014 when (then) Prime Minister John Key came to have a look around and formally open our school.

Families move to our area for the coastal / rural lifestyle and our school reflects this. It is a school that lets children be children - wear bare feet, climb, get grazes and have fun. We value all that is great about our place - the beaches, the lake, the forest, the wetlands, the river and the history of our area. These features are integral parts to how we teach and what we teach. We are a school for adventurers, for creators and for thinkers.

A central theme for us is that our children must become Kaitiaki (which broadly translates as guardians). People say that we need to leave a better planet for our children - we say that we need to leave better and more informed children for our planet.

We also embrace all that technology has to offer, and have been recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for 2018 - 2020 for our innovative implementation of Apple technology in teaching and learning. The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for programmes that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments.

Our vision for the integration of educational technologies in teaching and learning affirms the transformative role they can play in our students’ education during their time at our school and beyond.

We have an open door policy here, and we want to know what you are thinking - so if there's something you think we've done well and should know about, or you have a concern about something, or you have an idea you'd like to share - please get in touch. You can pop in, phone or email. If I'm not about, then Micky, my PA, is a good person to speak to.