10 Heywards Road

| Clarkville School

Clarkville School has a reputation for fostering a love of learning through its inclusive culture and its innovative and collaborative approach to teaching and learning.

The school motto, Choose to be more, challenges us to believe in ourselves and develop grit; to be adaptable and courageous; to connect with others with respect; and have a sense of fun and adventure.

At Clarkville, children are encouraged to lead their learning, reflect on their personal goals and to know how they best learn. Opportunities to follow their passions and know their strengths helps children to value their sense of self and grow confidence.

Our teachers are focused on knowing each child and personalising learning. The idea that it takes a village to raise a child is well established at Clarkville and our strong sense of community helps children to know there are many adults invested in them.

Come along and get to know us. Out students and staff will welcome your visit.