1 Woodend Beach Road

| Te Kohaka o Tuhaitara Trust

Tūhaitara Coastal Park can be accessed from Kairaki, The Pines Beach, Woodend Beach, Pegasus Town and Waikuku Beach. There is hard surface parking at all of the beach car parks and access to the walking and cycling trails.

The Tutaepatu Trail linking Woodend Beach, Pegasus Town and Waikuku Beach is accessible by wheel chair and pram and the trail is compacted fine aggregate. There is ramp access onto the lookout at Tutaepatu lagoon.

​Horse access to the park trails and the beaches is from Reid Memorial Ave The Pines Beach, Ferry Road Woodend Beach or Kiwi Avenue Waikuku Beach.

You are here signs are located at each entrance

The Trust office is located at Woodend Beach Domain.