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| Pines & Kairaki Beach Association Inc

The Pines and Kairaki Beaches Association Inc was founded in 1929, originally as “The Pines Association.” In the early years, the association provided the settlements with a variety of public facilities, including a playground, improved toilets and changing sheds, a public water well and the community hall. In addition, many of these projects were self-funded, using the proceeds generated from the association’s annual gala. The association has also played a vital role in lobbying local authorities for better living conditions, contributing to the installation of electricity, the sewerage system and other core infrastructural projects.

Today, The PKBA continues to play a significant role in the Pines and Kairaki communities. The PKBA organizes a variety of community events all throughout the year, including beach clean-ups, Christmas parties, public fireworks, potluck dinners and the annual community gala (although this event is currently on hold). In addition, the PKBA has done its up-most to support residents through the aftermath of the 2010-11 Canterbury Earthquakes, during which many homes and community facilities were badly damaged.