33 Cass Street

| Kaiapoi Food Forest

A food forest functions as a healthy closed-loop ecosystem, with each organism playing a role. Each element of the system supports the whole. The many relationships happening in an ecosystem are imitated in a food forest which:

• builds soil and accumulates nutrients

• self-fertilizes, self-mulches, self-regulates

• produces food, fiber, medicine, materials, fodder and more

• Sequesters Carbon, offsetting climate change

• provides habitat for all living organisms

• supports pollinators and beneficial insects

• protects and enhances biodiversity

If you would like to visit the Kaiapoi Food Forest.

You will find it on the corner Of Cass & Meadow Streets and Oram Place, Kaiapoi, New Zealand.

You will find 1.5 acres, with lots of fruit and perenial vegetables and open spaces to picnic.