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Advice for Campers at Level 4

There are still a large number of visitors travelling in self-contained vehicles around the country. Please be mindful that many of these visitors have been here for a long time and came here to work and live.

It will be a stressful time for them too.

What advice do you have for travellers in self contained vehicles?
We are encouraging visitors in self-contained vehicles to stay at a commercial camping site if available. They will need to stay at the site for four weeks.

What about travellers in non-self-contained vehicles?
Council suggests that travellers in non-self-contained vehicles book into self-contained accommodation – motel units etc.

And Freedom Campers? Or if you can't find accommodation?
There are a number sites in the Waimakariri area during the level 4 alert where Freedom Campers are encouraged to go:

Where can you dump effluent?
Roadside dump stations are provided at three locations:

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