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Alpine Airboats launches

Canterbury’s premier jet boat operator Alpine Jet Thrills Ltd is excited to announce the addition to its fleet of a commercial passenger Airboat.

Air Force 2 is just under 6m in length, 2.5m wide and carries 1 driver and 7 passengers across three tiered rows of seats, providing an elevated perspective of the river. Powering the 2m diameter 3 bladed Whirlwind propeller is a purpose built aluminium Chevrolet LSX V8 engine producing 600ft/pds of torque and nearly 600hp driving through a 2.3:1 reduction belt drive. 

The sensation of skimming across shallow water is taken to new levels in terms of the depth required and also the slow speed at which Air Force 2 can glide over the shallows, providing an armchair like ride.

See our earlier article for more information.

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