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A fresh new look, an expanded audience, greater availability, and new and strengthened partnerships. The future is looking good...

For the last two+ years we have been working on multiple platforms to deliver the Waimak App and it's associated website. The replacement platform for our new Web App, North Canterbury Online, will deliver all the current features plus some great new ones on a single platform. It will also deliver the same user experience whether browsed in a web browser or downloaded and installed on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It's the Web the Way you Want it.

There will be a temporary loss of features for our App users as we implement them on our new platform and migrate our data. But this will only affect those that downloaded and installed the App, those that preferred to visit us through the web will see some awesome new features appear over the coming months. And the Waimak App website will remain live until the migration is complete.


  1. Our offline & mobile first approach will provide the ability to open the App and access content even when you are disconnected from the internet. This is a key feature for our rural audience.
  2. Users can choose to access the App either through their web browser or install it on the device of their choice.
  3. Regardless of their choice, the user experience will remain the same as the App adapts to the device it is being accessed on.

A preview of North Canterbury Online is available for browsing and installing now.

And North Canterbury Online will soon be available from the Apple Store, Google Play, and the Windows Store.

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