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Easter run – Pegasus parkrun #238

From our foreign correspondent: Mark Williamson, Forest of Dean parkrun (UK).

We were promised a sunny Saturday for Easter and as we all know, the sun always shines on parkrun. In amongst the 89 Easter Bunnies and Chicks we welcomed at least three first timers, there may have been more but three parkmates turned up without a barcode and we all know the rules. #DFYB

So it’s welcome to our Global Family - Benjamin BRADY, Rimu BARRIBALL and Aimee GREEN. A “What took you so long” also goes to our visitors Miles WATSON, Hayden KING, Alison SPEAKMAN, Annalese LAPWOOD, Megan GNAD.

Congratulations go to Alyssa GARRETT, who earned a white t-shirt by completing run number 10 today.

A colourful turnout was captured on camera and there was a fair amount of chocolate ready to replenish all those burned off calories. Great to see the great family spirit on show this weekend.

A host of shiny new PB post nominals, 17 in fact, go to Dave ERMERINS (who climbed to 237th place on our 238th run in our fastest 500 list), Dave WORDSWORTH, Jason WORDSWORTH, Luke WITTERMAN, Matthew BROUWERS, Stephen HAWTHORNE, Vadim RUSU, Alyssa Garrett, Amelia WILSON, Denise NORRIE, Donna TILLEY, Elodie De LAPEYRE, Emmy MAXWELL, Jasmine GOW, Natashya STRONACH, Rachel SHEPPARD and Tricia WALLS.  Attention all speed merchants, you too can get in on the fastest 500 with a time faster than 23:38!

On the virtual podiums this week were top lads: Nick BURROW (1 and top slot for the eighth time), Russell WORDSWORTH (2) and Marcus DAFF (3)

Top lasses were: Haven DRINNAN (11 and 23rd appearance on the podium), Angela DOIG (18) and Savannah HYSSONG.

Top weans were: Haven DRINNAN (11), Daniel WORDSWORTH (16) and Cooper GARRETT (33)

Top Unknowns appeared at 26, 41 and 44 (Who may have a souvenir we’d like back please!) #DFYB and don’t forget to give us back our tokens.

Occupying position 23 this week is Pegasus regular Scott Rose who has run here on 61 occasions and been out and about to Hagley twice and Puarenga once. He has nine PB’s recorded since joining us in 2016 with a fastest run here of 21:11

In slot number 38 we have Ricky Pugh, who has covered the course here 133 times in his 142 parkrun outings. Ricky started out back in June 2016, the year of his 22:04PB, letters he has seen three times after his name. He’s appeared twice at Hagley and Shrewsbury and popped up once at Bath Sky Line, Henley Wood, Lower Hutt, Foster, Hagley and Millwater. Ricky has volunteered every year since joining parkrun and is just three slots away from a coveted aubergine V25 t-shirt.

We’re looking quite good on the volunteer front with just a scanner, a marshal and a token sorter needed for next week. Will you help? (You can sort the tokens after your run, he hinted)

A big thank-you to this week’s volunteers: Gabriella BARBARA, Trudy DIGGS, Nick DRINNAN, John DURAND, Leigh HAMILTON, Jackie HANCOCK, Anthea KANE, Emma LYON, Geoff MCMILLAN, Mark SISSONS (well, Louise really), Chris VAN DER LEER, Mark WILLIAMSON and Dean WILLS.

Out in the Global Village that is parkrun worldwide there were 440 parkruns plus 3 junior parkruns, and the worldwide parkrun population was 44,606 parkrunners and 4,672 volunteers last weekend and in our virtual world worldwide 15713 parkrunners recorded 29038 (not)parkruns, with an average time of 34:52.

You can record a (not)parkrun every single day by doing a 5k in your way at the place of your choosing. You can record a freedom run by running a parkrun course on a non parkrun day. Both of these are recorded through your parkrun profile page. If Saturday’s not a big enough parkrun fix, now you know what else you can do!

The next themed event at Pegasus is the Star Wars themed run, on Saturday 08th May!  Empire or Rebel Alliance dress up is encouraged!

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