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Finals series goes to the wire

Despite finishing the regular season 15 points behind their final’s opponents, PCU Angels, the Kaiapoi Queens Premier Women’s softball team, went into the three match playoff series over the weekend, believing they could strip the Angels of a third straight title.

Despite going behind by three runs in the first match, the Queens played their way back, into what became an edge of seat game, eventually taking the win in the 9th innings 6-5.  The second match saw the PCU Angels take the game 4-2, and the finals series would go to the wire. 

In the third match, the Kaiapoi Queens raced out to a three run lead in the first innings when Nerissa McDowell batted in three, from a strike into the outfield. But the PCU Angels tied it up with three runs of their own in their first at bat. Kaiapoi managed to take the lead 5-3 in the third innings, when Nerissa McDowell again smashed into the outfield, and brought home two runners on base. PCU clawed one run back in their 5th innings.  However, it was the 6th innings where the damage was really inflicted by PCU, when they batted home three runs to take the lead. The Kaiapoi Queens couldn’t find any winning runs in their final innings, and the final score was 5-7 to PCU.  It was a valiant effort by the Kaiapoi Queens. 

In the Premier men’s competition, Papanui took out the title over the PCU Devils. The Kaiapoi Kings won their playoff game against the Albion Anteaters 3-1, to finish third.

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