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Geoff’s 2020 vision

Rangiora’s Forrest Gump is on the run again!

You can spot him running through Rangiora wearing a white and red Blind Foundation shirt.

The runner is Geoff McMillan running 2020 kilometres to raise $2,020 for the Blind Low Vision NZ Foundation, formerly the Blind Foundation.

Not everyone is fortunate to have 20/20 vision. Every day an average of six New Zealanders turn to Blind Low Vision for support with sight loss. That’s about 2190 New Zealanders needing support each year.

Geoff clocks an average of five kilometres daily, which means he is running just under one kilometre for every person who needs support daily from Blind Low Vision Foundation.

Donations motivate Geoff, for every dollar he will run a kilometre.

“I’m trying to do a little bit for people who are less advantaged than I am and if I can get others that can help me with that, that will be fantastic. Every donation just gives you that little boost, you get a donation and you do another five kilometres.” 
Geoff says the idea for the fundraiser came about purely because of the year number 2020.
“I try and make something click, so there’s more of a reason for somebody to get involved with that fundraiser other than just, there’s that idiot running again!”

Geoff is not new to fundraisers. He has done multiple fundraisers over the last four years, including a joint Park Run fundraiser for a bowel cancer patient and raising money for Heart Foundation, by running 1000 kilometres in 2018 and 1600 kilometres last year.
Running wasn’t always something Geoff was committed to. In 2011, he had a heart attack which he says was his wake-up call. 
“I was a relatively fit guy, I refereed in judo and football, but I had the heart attack no matter what.
“I came away from that thinking I was still relatively fit. I got out of hospital and my exercise regime was to go for a five minute walk and I sort of scoffed at that thinking how fit I was… the first walk lasted two minutes; one minute out and one minute back!” he recalls laughing. 

“Eventually the distances crept up and I started feeling a bit happier about myself, and prepared to let myself go the distance without being concerned about whether I’m going to manage it or not.” 
After his heart attack, Geoff joined Park Run at Hagley Park and found a passion for this weekly running group. 
He established a Park Run closer to home in Pegasus and became Park Run’s South Island Event Ambassador, assisting runs and advocating for new runs to be established in the South Island. New Zealand has 30 Park Runs, nine are in the South Island. 

Geoff says he has made some great friends through Park Run and enjoys the community feel of sitting down with a group of likeminded people.
“I get a buzz out of seeing people complete their first five kilometres. I like running, I don’t love it, you get into it and you go why? But at the end of it you feel great.”

With a recent broken arm, Geoff has tagged his friend Phil Lamont to help him finish the last leg of the run. 
Once recovered, Geoff will run the final 180 kilometres.

To support Geoff in his final lap, please make a donation today at https://fundraise.blindlowvision.org.nz/fundraisers/geoffmackmcmillan/vision-for-2020

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