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Kaiapoi softballers struggle for wins

The Kaiapoi Queens softball team managed to bat in 10 runs over their two games at the weekend, but they just couldn’t defend their home plate. In their first match they went down 4-7 to Sydenham Kereru, and in the second they were defeated 6-9 by PCU.

Points: Sydenham Kereru 17, PCU 17, Halswell 17, Papanui 4, Kaiapoi 4

The Kaiapoi men had another really tight encounter, but this time they couldn’t find a run to force a tie break innings. They went down 0-1 to Albion.

Points: Papanui 21, PCU 14, Halswell 10, Kaiapoi 10, Albion 9.

In the reserve’s grade, the Kaiapoi men’s team had a 2-2 draw with Albion, and the women’s reserves played out a high scoring match, but were soundly beaten 8-16.

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