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Kindness counts…

An Angus bull charged to the fund-raising rescue of two of Cheviot’s essential services last week.

Every year within Te Mania Angus’ on-farm auction, the Wilding family gifts the proceeds of one of their bulls to charity. This year that bull was lot 99A. He made $14,000, and the proceeds were split equally between Cheviot’s St John Ambulance Service, and the Cheviot Home and School (the funding body for the area school).

The announcement was perfect timing for Cheviot Home and School who had to recently and reluctantly cancel its annual Parnassus Cheviot Rip Snorter Pig Hunt – in the wake of Covid-19.

Cheviot Home and School’s secretary Nicky Jamison, said the money will be put towards extensive plans to build a multi-purpose playground for the school, which includes than 200 pupils between year 1 and year 13.

“It’s not just a playground, we’re going to have different learning environments within that,” Nicky said. “The junior school will have their own area and it will be quite cool that the younger kids will have their own space. They will also have areas where they can do learning outside the classroom. But it is a bit of a fund-raising mission, so this donation was gratefully received.”

Nicky said they were surprised and thrilled to be included in Te Mania’s contribution.

“Te Mania are usually involved sponsoring our pig hunt every year, and a member of the committee was talking to Will [Wilding, Te Mania stud master] and then when they were filming the bulls to put them on-line before the sale, our bull [Lot 99A] popped up on the Te Mania Facebook page saying the funds from him were being donated to us and the St John.

“It was really cool. We starting sharing it around, and tagging everyone in on it. It was just a wonderful gesture.”

Nicky said her husband usually goes to the sale, but this year she was happy to trump him, and take his place at the event. It typically attracts close to 400 visitors and buyers, eager to enjoy Te Mania’s hospitality.

“It’s a cool environment the way they set everything up, and it was great to see everything, including the history of the property up on the walls and around the venue,” Nicky said.

“It was just an easy place to be.”

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