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Life under Level 3

With 16 cases of Covid 19 recorded in Waimakariri, there is still a danger of community transmission as businesses are making calls on just how they can work under Level 3 from Tuesday 28th April.

Getting ready for the relaxation of lockdown requirements is occupying the minds of many Waimakariri businesses, service organisations and community groups.

While many have to wait much longer, such as the sports clubs in the District and social gathering places like the Menzsheds and the Darnley Club in Kaiapoi, others can plan for a relaxation of the lockdown by operating in challenging ways, keeping a distance from their customers.

Changing to Level 3 is of no benefit for Anzac Day of course but a list of ways to support our military are to be found on the Visit Waimakariri website along with Virtual Events.

It’s not only Shane van Gisbergen who is having to resort to virtual car racing as North Canterbury Rodders held a Virtual Easter Car Show on line just to break the boredom of the lockdown for their members.

In the real world, mechanics like Northern Auto will be opening for business on Tuesday with a one in/one out policy ensuring the social distancing rules are adhered to.

Oxford’s Cruisy Days Diner is offering a takeaway menu with delivery and the Oxford Butchery will be open for phone orders enjoying the little bit of personal connection that their customers are used to.

Two of the popular cafes in Kaiapoi are taking different approaches with Red Eight staying closed but offering a Lockdown Friday where orders will be taken for just one day, while Coffee Culture is opening for takeaways until the level changes again.

Suzy at Kaiapoi Florist is looking forward to taking orders from Tuesday and with Mothers Day coming up she will no doubt be very busy.

Coastguard North Canterbury has been operating a slightly altered regime in line with lockdown requirements but have had to maintain readiness in case they are called out.

Logan Pryce, President says, “We are still available 24/7 and respond to emergency calls as normal, but there are some added PPE requirements we must wear which have been delivered and are ready for use for our volunteers.

They have stopped training in groups at their base on the Kaiapoi River but like many other organisations at this time, are currently using video apps for training and meetings.

“We can still keep in touch and remain current from the comfort and safety of our own bubbles,” says Logan.

Two of their members in the same bubble go down to the building weekly to test and run all the gear and vessels to ensure they stay in tip top shape in case they get any calls.

Another service group grappling with the lockdown is Big Brothers Big Sisters North Canterbury who are continuing to operate, although quite a bit differently. 

Manager Ellie Le Gros wants people to know that they can still apply to become mentors, as a lot of what needs to get done initially can be done via technology.

“So if anyone is keen to make a difference in a child's life, they don't need to hesitate to get in touch,” says Ellie.  

The world of Level 3 in lockdown will be challenging for all but a necessary measure to ensure community safety.

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