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Pegasus parkrun #221 run report

Mark Williamson is the author of this weeks run report. Mark is a cardiac athlete, he has completed over 200+ runs, written 120+ run reports and is a parkrun Ambassador for SW England. 

t’s a Scotsman with Irish grandparents, who lives in Wales and runs in England who brings you this week’s foreign correspondent’s run report. Big thanks for the opportunity and I promise to run with you as soon as I can. More of how I got involved later.

This week 97 parkthletes (*1) ran, jogged, and walked in the sun for Pegasus parkrun #221 and we had a fantastic age spread from 10-74. How inclusive is that? It was, I am told, a lovely sunny day, with a light breeze and otherwise optimal conditions. Stark contrast to a dark evening in the Northern Hemisphere.

They join and joined around 30,000 parkmates (*2) in six countries across the globe. By the end of the year we hope to see 300 events re-opened. All are giving hope to the other 16 countries and 1900+ events waiting for this same opportunity. Savour every run people, they are all so very special.

In amongst the field today we had one first time parkrunner and seven new visitors to the event. A warm Pegasus welcome is extended then to Peyton Lyon, taking those brave first steps and to the veteran (?) magnificent seven: Sue Langley (173), Lance Langley (153), Frank Rands (140), Laurie Rands (101), Karen Thomson (18), James Wellacott (2 (watch this guy) and Greg King (2). Come back soon.

Representatives from five different running clubs were present and just like last week, 6 individuals recorded personal bests – well done to Helen Thomas, Petra LAMONT, Philipa LAMONT, Robert TEMPLE, Solomon DAFF and Toby BEHAN (again).

Emma Lyon joined the 100 club and five parkmates are on the cusp of a milestone with Jessica Brouwers, just one step away from a white 10 T-shirt. Go Jessica!
Sadly. this week we had 4 people failing to #RYB (Remember your barcode #Positive spin) Come on guys, #DFYB, no barcode, no time, no exception and it hurts us as much as it hurts you, when we can’t record your achievement. Rules are rules.

The first three men to cross the finish line were: Mark REID (17:17 and top age grade men), James WELLACOTT (18:23, grabbing Heinz 57 spot in the fastest 500 club in the process) and Robert DOIG (18:52).
The first three women were Haven DRINNAN (21:42), Kath ATKIN (23:29 and top age grade women) and Lisa MCGONIGLE (24:36).
If you want a target then the fastest 500 club might be for you: You just need 23:57 or quicker. Speed merchants get training!
This week’s volunteer efforts were kindly provided by some regulars and a few newbies: Angela LAMONT, Geoff MCMILLAN, Rolan SHARVIT, Lynley DEVON, John BITHELL, Karyn TEMPLER, Chris VAN DER LEER, Trev WHITE, Jill MCARTHUR, Mark REID, Dean WILLS, Trudy DIGGS, Mark WILLIAMSON.
It’s not a clique and anyone can join in. The volunteer 25 t-shirt is a quick milestone to collect and the t-shirt is a fetching shade of Aubergine. We’re a nice bunch too and there’s more time for social stuff too. Please let us know if you are interested in helping by emailing us: pegasus@parkrun.com.
Don’t forget our Christmas and New Year’s Day runs and the other runs round the country which can be found by following the link here: https://www.parkrun.co.nz/special%20events/

You may remember New Zealand parkruns teamed up with other countries on relaunch. This week’s report writer lives in Wales but runs cross border in England at Forest of Dean, where they hold a virtual and themed parkrun very week. You are all welcome to join in their Christmas fun. Just like their FB page, (https://www.facebook.com/groups/225875690759749) join and report your time for a parkrun any Saturday or Christmas/New Year Day for a virtual result to share some happiness.  Geoff Mack and I are both avid parkrunners, both Cardiac Athletes and both love our wild and wonderful parkrun community. We also share a sense of humour.

Current course records for Pegasus are as follows:
The male record is held by Matthew DRYDEN who recorded a time of 15:49 on 23rd September 2017 (event number 68).
The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 16:53 on 9th June 2018 (event number 107).
The male record is held by Nick BURROW who recorded a time of 15:49 on 22nd December 2018 (event number 135).
The Age Grade course record is held by Maggie CHORLEY who recorded 88.95% (18:51) on 23rd December 2017 (event number 81).
(*1) parkthlete: Noun-Modern English. Denotes one who volunteers, walks, jogs or runs at parkrun. Orig: Great pandemic of 2020, attributed UK/Gloucester/Forest-of-Dean/parkrun/core/team/W.Shakespeare
(*2) parkmate: Noun. Modern English. Denotes one who enjoys the parkrun national and international community which is making the world a healthier and happier planet. Orig: Author attributes UK/Scotland/Davie Black

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