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Pegasus parkrun #233 run report

From our foreign correspondent (Mark Williamson, UK):

A coolish 15 degrees was forecast with a light breeze for the start of our favourite Saturday morning pastime today and a promise of sun by lunchtime. It’s always bright at parkrun, whatever the weather, as a warm batch of humanity, a posse of parkmates comes together for the best possible start to a weekend. We did, however, set off in the mist and ended up with blue skies.

A course change was announced and it was an out and back week, due to slippery bridges. It is hoped that everyone got that announcement from the chatter in the assembled throng!

Just a small reminder to everybody – please PAY ATTENTION AT THE RUN BRIEF! We always mention important safety information and it is important that all parkrunners can hear the contents.
Volunteering, walking, jogging and running around the course today were 98 parkthletes.

One barcode was used for the very first time by Justin Paulsen. Congratulations. Did you know almost one third of parkrunners registered around the planet haven’t taken that amazing first step. See you next week?
Groundhog day in the black hole of forgotten parkmates barcodes and lost records of results as again there were five missing. Please Don't Forget Your Barcode #DFYB. We love to record your achievements…honestly, we do.

Five parkmates were visitors to Pegasus for the first time: veteran parkrunners Roger Caton: and Lisa Caton were in our company with newish family members Sam Middleton, Moira Macdonald and Richard Macdonald. Do come back soon.
Nine PBs were recorded this week by teenagers, tourists, newbies and relatively experienced parkrunners (chronological age and event numbers!) Congratulations to Anthea Kane, Ethan Hansen, Glenda Van Der Walt, Nick Wethey, Sarah Wilson, Sharon Pollock, Simon De Roo, Stella Paulsen and Tricia Walls.

Today’s 1-2-3’s were for the ladies: VW50-54 Nicola Whalley first over for the second time, followed in by JW15-17 Haven Drinnan and VW40-44 Natasha Mitchell and for the gentlemen for the 26th time the first finisher was VM40-44 Nathan Jones who was followed in by SM20-24 Reuben Graham (Here for the third time and just one second off his 2017PB) and VM50-54 John Marshall.

Our top unknown finished in 41st place....was that you? #DFYB
Out on the field of Event 233 we saw VM50-55 Tim Graham fill position 23 and position 33 was filled by VM45-49 Scott Rose. 
Tim was taking part in his third parkrun and is a member of North Canterbury Athletics Club, which was one of the six clubs seen here today. It might be a family thing but his PB, like Reuben Graham’s, was 20:16 set in 2017.

Scott has ventured across to Hagley a couple of times and once to Puarenga but has saved his PB for Pegasus where he has notched up 59 of his 62 runs, picking up the shiny PB eight times.

Across the globe each parkrun country is coming to terms with COVID 19 and it’s a case of steps forward and steps back. We’ve seen regional lockdowns in New Zealand and Australia but the good news is that last week, worldwide, there were 338 parkruns plus 1 junior parkrun, and the worldwide parkrun population was 38,430 parkrunners and 3,643 volunteers.

•    In New Zealand there were 33 events, 4376 parkrunners, (of which 271 were recording their first parkrun), and 397 volunteers,
•    In Australia there were 266 5k events, 32979 parkrunners, (of which 1708 were recording their first parkrun), and 2847 volunteers,
•    In Russia there were 25 events, 534 parkrunners, (of which 69 were recording their first parkrun), and 246 volunteers,
•    In Japan there were 12 events, 390 parkrunners, (of which 42 were recording their first parkrun), and 106 volunteers,
•    Under UK Jurisdiction there were 2 events, 114 parkrunners, (of which 2 were recording their first parkrun), and 25 volunteers,
•    In Australia there was 1 junior event, 37 parkrunners, (of which 8 were recording their first parkrun), and 19 volunteers.
Congratulations to Tania Bailey for joining the parkrun Volunteer 25 club today!
Our awesome volunteers were superb this week –Thank you to Tania BAILEY, Dylan LAVALLEY, Angela LAMONT Diane EVANS,Jackie HANCOCK, Chris VAN DER LEER, Trev WHITE, Peter FREEMAN, Brett BAILEY, Claire HANSEN, Laurie MCARTHUR, Mark WILLIAMSON, & Trudy DIGGS. Thank you for your time!
We are short of half a dozen or so volunteers for next week. If you have some time to offer next Saturday, or indeed over the next six weeks, then please have a look at the Future Roster and see if there’s a role you want to have a go at. Full training, bags of support and heaps of gratitude are all available. Here’s the link: https://www.parkrun.co.nz/pegasus/futureroster/

The next featured event is Saturday, 6-March - Children’s Day - 7:55am
This event will be volunteered by junior parkrunners in celebration of Children's Day 2021! Feel free to dress up to celebrate the children in our communities - Children's Day (7-March) is an opportunity for families, and communities to celebrate and nurture the children of New Zealand. The day is as much a celebration of children as an opportunity to engage all of New Zealand to think about their responsibility to support the lives of tamariki in their communities.

That is it for this week! Have a good one and #DFYB!

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