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Pegasus parkrun #240 run report

The weather seemed to be holding for the start of Pegasus parkrun #240 today, however a rain squall came over as the first runners reached the 2km mark on the out and back course. Fortunately, the rain did not last long, and we were treated to a spectacular rainbow over Lake Pegasus and the suspension bridge. We are quite lucky that the Geoffrechaun was not in attendance today – who knows what might have happened…

The volunteers did an excellent job today in the wet and chilly conditions. Sometimes the runners have the better deal – at least they get to run and keep warm! Thank-you to Run Director Dean Wills and his team of Geoff Macmillan, Jimi Bowen, Vadim Rusu, Glen Foster, Diane Evans, Trudy Diggs, Trev White, Simon de Roo and John Marshall.

parkrun is powered by volunteers and we could not do it without them. Please consider helping us occasionally by volunteering an hour of your Saturday to help. After volunteering at 25 separate event you join the parkrun 25 club and are entitled to a free t-shirt. 

A huge Pegasus congratulations to Louise Sissons who celebrated her 150th parkrun today, and to Andrew Coster who joined the parkrun 100 club. Kelly Lavalley (99), Albert Couperus (49), Joshua Smith (49) and Emelia Coster (9) – all eyes are on you!
2 PB’s were achieved today by Ella Marshall and Liam Marshall. Nice!

The male with the most runs was Geoff Mcmillan (227); Marylyn Trathen (231) was the female with the most parkruns to her name.

We love seeing new faces at parkun. Giles Witt and Harry Witt – welcome to the parkrun phenomenon! And a warm Pegasus welcome to Martin Jones (142), Robert Dabb (34) and Fran Van Til (3) who all visited us for the first time today.

We had 74 parkrunners attend today, including 4 members of the elusive UNKNOWN family. Please Don’t Forget Your Barcode #DFYB
Age grading takes your time and uses the world record time for your sex and age to produce a score (a percentage). This score allows you to compare your personal performance against other people's performances even though they might be a different age and a different sex to you - the higher the score the better the performance.

Top age graded results from the attending females were Lynnley Driver (71.96%), Natasha Mitchell (68.38%) and Fran Van Til (65.99%). Top for the men were Nathan Jones (79.89 %), John Marshall (78.45 %) and Robert Dabb (78.24 %).

Top finishers this week for the men were: 17:29 - Nathan Jones, 18:35 - Alex Witt, 19:06 - John Marshall

Top finishers for the females were: 22:40 - Natasha Mitchell, 23:24 - Aliena Gray, 26:24 - Savannah Hyssong

Top finishers for the juniors were: Giles Witt, Luca Fleck, Emelia Coster

Last weekend saw over 550 parkrun events take place, with over 64,000 people walking, jogging, running, or volunteering. At this point just over a quarter of all parkrun events around the world have restarted, with that figure set to increase significantly with the planned return of 5k events in England on 5 June.

We LOVE themed events at Pegasus parkrun! The next one is Star Wars Day on the 8th May where everyone is encouraged to celebrate Star Wars Day! May 4 is often known as ‘Star Wars Day’. It is jokingly said: "May the 4th be with you", in reference to the popular phrase in Star Wars: "May the Force be with you." Is this too geeky? Yes and it is awesome!

We also have the 250th run and 5th Birthday event coming up in June – watch this space for more info!

We are lucky enough to have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED, or Defib) available at the scanning table at every Pegasus parkrun event. This device should be used on those who have experienced a sudden cardiac arrest, are unconscious, not breathing and have no pulse. Using our Heartsine AED is simple - it verbally steps the user through every action.
I had great fun today at Pegasus parkrun and hope you did too. Have a great weekend!

See you next week at 7:55am!

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