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Represent your Country!

We can all represent our country

The current lockdown situation is giving us a sporting chance to beat this virus.  Despite the disappointment of seasons remaining unfinished, or not even beginning, we all know this situation is one that needs to be won, and if we all work as a team, we can do it.

The effects are far and wide. Professional sports are on hold, the Olympics delayed. The level of training and preparedness for such big events, makes the situation feel so much worse. Our community sport is in limbo, and even our newest Future Ferns netballers, or First Kicks footballers have not been able to begin their very first steps into a love of sport.  But our sporting bodies have made these decisions, to save our lives.

It has been heartening to see options for sport and exercise popping up across social media. Gyms may be shut, but online classes are underway.  From Monday TVNZ will be broadcasting Les Mills sessions on TV. Training may be halted, but sports clubs, teams, and athletes are providing drills and skills via social media, that  you can do in your back yard.  Sports stars are uploading fun challenges, like toilet roll juggling, to keep us both amused and active. You can get virtual challenges underway to motivate you to keep your fitness up. There are even online opportunities to extend coaching knowledge, or do referee or umpire education. Jump online and find something that fits for you.

We all know exercise is great for our physical well being, but it also an essential part of our mental health too.  Being cooped up for a number of weeks is going to take its toll.  However, we can still exercise.  Get out for a walk or run.  Practice some skills in the back yard.  So long as we only exercise alone, or with our isolation bubble family, and maintain social distancing when we are out and about, we can continue to stay active.

And the best thing is, when we defeat this virus, our sports will still be there, and hopefully we will be in great shape to start again. This is your chance to represent your country, and defeat Covid-19.  Join the team and remember to follow the rules!

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