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Take a break from worry

During lockdown many of us discovered, amongst the various challenges, a new and refreshing pace of life.


Those of us who did not have to leave our homes to work may have found a sense of peace within our homes. That small increase in time we all crave may have been found. If this was you, and the thought of moving back into a full-paced life again brings dread and worry, you’re not alone.


Although we can’t avoid an increase in pace of life altogether, it may be possible to keep some of the silver linings we gained during lockdown that decreased our daily stress levels.


Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Look at planning a ‘stepped’ return to your usual routine where possible – try not to jump back in all at once
  • Consider negotiating a ‘work from home’ day – employers may be more open to this now
  • Explore how to simplify your morning routine – what DON’T you need to do?
  • Take more walks during your day – keep up the exercise!
  • Identify whānau activities that helped you connect, and plan them into your day
  • Suggest virtual meetings and appointments where possible to cut down on travel
  • Book in a ‘lock-in’ weekend and just stay at home
  • Work out how to drop any activities that bring more stress than benefit – we have a great
  • Problem Solving Guide in the ‘Staying on Track’ course that could help
  • However you choose to move back into Level 1, or ‘the new normal’, ensure you do it on your own terms.
  • Be sure to recognise and prioritise you and your whānau’s needs going forward.

And if you feel like you’d benefit from some extra wellbeing support at this time, why not give our free ‘Staying on Track’ course a go:

Free Wellbeing Support

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