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Top Primary Runners

The North Canterbury Primary Schools Cross Country event was held at the A&P Showgrounds in Rangiora this week. The event was run by the North Canterbury Sport and Recreation Trust, with 200 students running in two zones, Pegasus and Rakahuri. The top six in each zone are eligible to represent at the Canterbury Cross Country event at Halswell Quarry in August.

The top runners in each year group were George Thorp (Year 5 boys), Maddie Stott (Year 5 girls), Ben Lough (Year 6 girls), PJ Mackintosh (Year 6 girls), Leo Neale (Yr 7 boys), Lillie Wilson (Year 7 girls), Lachlan Rowe (Yr 8 boys), and Alice Barnes (Yr 8 girls).

Top 3 placings per zone:

Year 5 boys Pegasus – Lucas Parker (Woodend), Cooper Sutherland (Ohoka), Mason Anderson (Kaiapoi Borough)

Year 5 boys Rakahuri – George Thorp (Ashgrove), Connor Milnes (RNLS), Tames Trimboy (Cust)

Year 5 girls Pegasus – Maddie Stott (Swannanoa), Susie Robinson (Pegasus Bay), Rebecca Ross (Woodend)

Year 5 girls Rakahuri – Lucy Williams (Ashgrove), Layce Stewart (Cust), Madeleine Bint (Loburn)

Year 6 boys Pegasus – Ben Lough (Ohoka), Blake Nairn (Swannanoa), Ben Poulden (Ohoka)

Year 6 boys Rakahuri – Jack Treacy (Ashgrove), Joel Pulley (Ashley), Kobe Symonds (Rangiora Borough)

Year 6 girls Pegasus – Alys Hatton (Ohoka), Ellie Shaw (Clarkville), Georgie Simon (Ohoka)

Year 6 girls Rakahuri – PJ Mackintosh (North Loburn), Honor Thorne (Fernside), Paige Wakelin-Noble (Oxford)

Year 7 boys Pegasus – Zachary Cowan (West Eyreton), Taine Keeys (Clarkville), Cooper Holland (Kaiapoi North)

Year 7 boys Rakahuri – Leo Neale (Rangiora Borough), Jacob Dykes (Ashgrove), Ashley Diamond (Te Matauru)

Year 7 girls Pegasus – Jae-Lee Stapp (Kaiapoi North), Millie Bell (Woodend), Sophie McKeever (Ohoka)

Year 7 girls Rakahuri – Lillie Wilson (North Loburn), Lily Robotham (Cust), Jero Galway (Oxford)

Year 8 boys Pegasus – Joel Harris (Woodend), Mika Toshach (West Eyreton), Kasper Marson (Kaiapoi North)

Year 8 boys Rakahuri – Lachlan Rowe (Ashley), Leo Robinson (Ashgrove), William Bint (Loburn)

Year 8 girls Pegasus – Ruby Simon (Ohoka), Phoebe Chatterton (Swannanoa), Anika Shaw (Clarkville)

Year 8 girls Rakahuri – Alice Barnes (Cust), Emily Leech (Ashgrove), Karlize Janse van Rensburg (RNLS)

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